Vodka vs Gin - The Martini

Vodka vs Gin - The Martini

Make sure your ice is cold. That's the lesson for today.

So Dustin Macmillan and Oliver Hiller gave us a talk on Black Cow Vodka and Elephant Gin, respectively. We had a little tasting then went head first into the martinis.

Dustin made this exceptional savoury martini called the Dirty Cow

70ml Black Cow Vodka

5ml French Vermouth

2 olives muddled


This salty drink will seriously wake you up. Great balance and really smooth due to the Black Cow literally being the smoothest vodka in the world. Needless to say we had more than one.

Oli then taught us the importance of temperature in a martini "a martini has to be crisp, bold and as cold as possible". He had everything thing in the freezer, even his mixing glass.  

  • Top tip: always keep glassware, gin and anything that touches the drink really, in the freezer. Cold is good! 

Elephant Gin Martini consisted of

60ml Gin

8ml French Vermouth

To garnish, a finely sliced apple


This was a real treat. The Apple subtly giving us some sour sweet pairing with the balls gin martini, made this drink my favourite of the week so far. 

What can I say, I'm a sucker for a martini that saves elephants.