Gin and Oysters - Vodka and Cheese

Gin and Oysters - Vodka and Cheese

What a pairing!

We started with a talk from Oliver Hiller about his first passion, Elephant Gin. 

He tells us that there doing amazing work with the conservation of African elephants and how they've converted poachers into protectors. 

The could only do all this with a fantastic gin of course. 


Then we had some martinis and oysters. They oysters are such a good pairing for this gin. We all tried eating them with different condiments. My favourite, pour away the water and replace it with the martini, a squeeze of lemon and you're away.

If you want to help their cause, please buy Elephant Gin or donate here:


Dustin then took us through the the smoothest vodka in the world, Black Cow Vodka. For this he made those Dirty Cow martinis which went so well with the classic Black Cow cheese. If you ever see a truckle, buy it you won't look back.

He went on to explain how they try to make everything with zero waste. That's why when the use the curds to make the cheese but rather than discard the whey, the make it into vodka. Zero waste is the name of the game here and I think it's brilliant.

More companies should be thinking like these two.