jason davies

From Grain to Bottle

jason davies
From Grain to Bottle

Well that was boozy!


Matt East from Hi-spirits joined us with a range to the for. Starting from the start we had White Dog. For anyone who doesn't know, white dog is the stuff they put in barrels for ageing. That is whisky in its most raw form.

We were asked to rub in into our hands and let the whiskey get more and more rounded, the ethyl alcohol mellow out and you can really smell the flavour.

We moved on to the entry level bourbon. "Entry" by name only as Buffalo Trace Bourbon is delicious. Smooth and full of flavour.

Then the star of the show came to the table Eagle Rare 10 year old bourbon. This is a genuinely fantastic product. It's just 2 years older that it's baby brother but my god, it's made a lovely bourbon to a cracking one. Surprise, surprise it was the first bottle we finished. 

Now for something mind blowing. Stagg Jr.  Named after George T. Stagg who built the distillery in the 19th century. This whiskey sitting at 65% ABV is a knock out. It meant for sipping, it suggest with a dash if water, if you want to keep your throat that is.

We move on to W.L. Weller I believe the first distillery to replace the rye with wheat. That makes it sweeter and viscous on the palate. It makes a fantastic cocktail.

Finally...The surprise...Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream. 


What a treat, I had no idea they made it. And guess what, it's delicious. At £18 a bottle, it's not much more that Bailey's so you have no excuse not to buy it.

That was a lot of whiskey. Bring on tequila!