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Aperitivo Italiano

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Aperitivo Italiano

The back alley spritzers!

So Sette Vie joined industry week for a blinding tasting with Jamie "The D" Campbell.

He took us through 3 classic Italian cocktails and taught us how they drink in Aperetivo Hour. 

We started with the Italian staple, the Americano.

25ml SV Aperitivo

10ml Sweet Vermouth

Soda Top

Orange Slice

Then after sitting down and dissecting the drink, we talked about Italian culture and drinking habits. We then move on to the Hugo.

35ml SV Limoncello

20ml Tonic

Prosecco Top (approx 30ml)

Mint and Cucumber

This was a real palate cleanser. Perfect to enjoy between the starter and main of Aperetivo Hour. Now for dessert, the SV Sipper.

20ml SV Amaretto

10ml Fino Sherry

2 Dashes Peychauds Bitters

Lemon Twist

Possible one the the first times I've enjoyed amaretto outside of a sour. I didn't see it's purpose until you mix it with something dry and salty like fino sherry.  Game changer!

Now to get ready for some bourbon.